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 Election Commission 

The Election Commission is appointed by the Election Commissioner at the beginning of the year with the consent of Senate and Treasury. The Election Commission is responsible for setting all dates pertaining to elections, managing elections, and publicizing results to the student body. Members of the Commission hold their positions until graduating, studying abroad, or stepping down.

2023-2024 Election Comission
Screen Shot 2024-05-01 at 1.26.17 PM.png

Gavin Wagner

Election Commissioner

How do elections work?

Each semester, the undergraduate student body will have the opportunity to vote in an all-school election. Members of the legislature (Senators and Treasurers) will be on the ballot each semester, and the Executive Board will be elected in the Spring. Although it is uncommon, there may be a Constitutional Amendment on the ballot.

 Outside of elections, students can also be appointed to a given position. When a position is open, there will be announcements from SU via email and Instagram. Applicants will submit a written application, be interviewed, and be evaluated by the leadership of the body they intend to apply to. Visit back later for more information on the appointment process!

 Spring 2023 Election Packet 

These are a set of election rules written by the Election Commission and confirmed by the SU Legislature. 

Check back later!

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