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The SU Treasury is a body of the legislative branch that is responsible for the allocation of one of the largest student activities fee in the country. Like Senate, the body is composed of 21 officers and one speaker. To facilitate the operation of over 400 student organizations, treasurers have formed the Budget and Activities committees. The Vice President of Finance acts as Parliamentarian of Treasury.

2023-2024 Treasury Leadership
Screen Shot 2024-05-01 at 1.25.48 PM.png

Christine Ling

Speaker of Treasury

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Katie Cho

Budget Commitee Chair

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Leila Asadi

Activities Chair

Where's the money?

Navigating student group funding is difficult! Below are some key forms to help student leaders program, advocate, and build community together.

Click here to see the SU Finance BEARings Trello

SU Finance Guidelines

Classes, career interests, and academic resources

Credit Card Non-Travel Form

Fill out this form at least a day before asking your business coordinator to use the SU credit card.

SU Appeal Form

This form is for CAT 1 groups to request additional funding outside their set budget and flat funding.

Credit Card Travel Form

This form should be filled out at least a day before asking your Business Coordinator to use the SU credit card for Travel Purchases.

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