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Judicial Branch

The judicial branch of the Student Union issues opinions related to SU officers, student organizations, advisory opinions upon request, elections, and try all matters of impeachment. A justice must be nominated by Constitutional Council and confirmed by a majority of Senate and Treasury. A student will hold their position until they step down, study abroad, or graduate. The Chief Justice is determined by an internal vote.

2023-2024 Constitutional Council
Ben Ewer Headshot.jpg

Ben Ewer

Chief Justice

Copy of SULogo2016.png

Ashish Vaidyanathan

Associate Justice

Copy of SULogo2016.png

Associate Justice

Meagan Chang

Copy of SULogo2016.png

Associate Justice

Marcellus Thorson

Copy of SULogo2016.png

Associate Justice

Merry Schlarman

Alternate Justices: Maddie Pira and Noah Gornstein

Know Your Rights

Student Union is governed by two documents: the Constitution and Statutes. These outline the powers, responsibilities, and jurisdictions of each branch and position. If you have questions about either documents, previous ruling, or the judiciary, please contact the Chief Justice. For more information about each area, click the icon below.

SU Constitution

The SU Constitution establishes the powers of student government and its branches. Amendments may be made through a majority vote by the student body.

Updated: May 2023

SU Statutes

The SU Statutes elaborate on the duties of different elected positions, student groups, and the election process. Statutes may be changed by a 2/3 vote in Senate and Treasury. 

Last Update: May 2023 

Interpretation Request Form

Concerned about the constitutionality of a SU or student group policy or action? File a request here. A guide on filing a request is linked here.

 Constitution Help 

If your student group is modifying its Constitution or creating a new one and would like assistance, click the icon above for a form.


The student government is also governed by precedent, previously cases ruled on by Constitutional Council. Rulings are currently available through a public Google Drive. For more info, please email to the Chief Justice.

Questions? Email or DM @washu_concouncil

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